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ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Spotlight Sarina

"I am the creator of my own life."

Interview from May 14th 2019.

Sarina (24): After school I left my home close to Karlsruhe in 2014 as I started to study apron management at Munich airport where I have a full-time work since October 2017. But during my studies I lost more and more the feeling of home, because I lived in Landshut for work, in Frankfurt for studying and somehow I still lived close to Karlsruhe. In September 2016 I was frustrated and unhappy with my life. I didn’t know what I wanted. Then I came in contact with my inner child for the first time and I realized: I am the creator of my own life. I decided to take on the responsibility for it and to take care of myself. Today I feel at home in myself and I love it.

How did you come in touch with Bellydance and what does it give you?

After one year of intense work with the inner child I recognized, that my body wants to move and that I need to move. So I asked my inner child what it wants and it told me: "I want to dance! I want to be a belly dancer!" I couldn’t find attractive classes in my area so I searches online and I found ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE.

I love it so much and I can’t imagine a life without Bellydance or improvisational dance anymore! When I dance I feel at home, I feel myself in a deeper way, I feel free. I really lose myself, I can let go of everything and I can breathe. I am with me. Dancing is the language of your soul!

Why and how did you decide to make teaching a part of your future career?

It was a spontaneous decision. I didn’t know how it should work without any dance experience and I was really nervous. But it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. The fun fact is, that I unconsciously knew I’m a teacher – I just had to figure out, what I really want to teach: dance, self responsibility and self love.

How did you start and what were the important milestones or turning points in your dance life so far?

I started my dance experience with ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE in October 2017 and the following teacher training was the first important milestone. Meanwhile I’m very interested in active meditations by Osho and in August I will do a trance dance presenter training, to dive deeper in my body and to connect in a new way with my soul.

You are a certified ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ teacher since 2018. How did you benefit from the training and method?

I learned so much about self care, self love and the connection between body, mind and soul. The teacher training was the first time I got a feeling of finally finding peace with my inner child and I got in touch with my vision. It lead me to meditation and yoga and I love the pelvic floor integration as well as all flexibility and mobilizations exercises and dancing movements. The teacher training and the method have totally changed my life and I love it!

You love the inner child work and shadow work, can you tell us more about it and its impact on your life?

The connection to my inner child was the turning point on my journey to myself. We all have this inner girl or boy which is linked to our experiences in the past. We internalize lots of dogmas in our childhood from our environment and ancestors which coin our behavior. We have to understand that children are curious, creative, open-minded, funny, sensitive and really wise beings, so we have to take care of them.

At least we have to take care of ourselves. Nobody else is responsible for your life. Nobody else can heal your inner child and your wounds except you. You can put the blame on someone else, for example your parents. But in this moment you’re triggered by your shadow.

The word shadow sounds evil and frightening but your individual shadow is one of your best friends. The shadow reflects all your negative and positive parts or characteristics via other people or happenings. Mostly things you don’t want to accept or things you’re not aware of. I love my shadow, because it allows me to grow! My relationships are changing in a positive way when I’m working with my shadow. It’s freeing and healing. If you welcome your shadow into your life, you will get a really deep feeling and understanding of who you really are.

How do you personally use the inner child work? Can you share a practical exercise with our readers?

Nowadays I have a very good connection with my inner child and I’m in love with my beautiful, funny, curious, attentive and lovely girl. If I ever work against her (my) desires, I feel it. Then I go in meditation and ask: What is wrong? Why do you feel this way? And I write everything down that comes up without thinking about it.

That’s my tip for everyone: Take an empty book and go into a written dialogue with your child. For example start with Me (adult): "Hey girl / boy, I’m not sure if you want to talk to me, but I’m here and I want to meet you." At the first time you maybe don’t get an answer, but your intention matters. I also switch the style of writing: If I am writing as an adult, I write normal, if my child talks, I write fast and it looks really spidery and childish.

How does it tie in with ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE?

In ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE we dive deeper into ourselves and connect to our body, especially to our pelvic floor. This part is all about feeling safe, coming home and our emotions. Our inner child is a part of us but most people are focused on the outside, that shows for example in performance pressure and I-have-to-thinking. We lose or feeling of safety, we bar out our emotions and finally we bar out our inner child. ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE is wonderful for getting in contact with your inner child in a very sensitive, cautious and sensual way.

What was the best moment in your dance life so far?

Last year I was dancing at my father’s birthday in front of nearly 50 people. My brother was playing the guitar – "Fear of the dark" by Iron Maiden – and we couldn’t practice together before. It was an improvisation dance and I loved it, it was fantastic!

Is there something you regret?

No. When I look back I know that everything has happened for a reason. You’re the creator of your own life, your thoughts and your behavior create your reality and you can trust your life – it always has an answer to all your questions. Maybe it needs some time until you understand the meaning and why things happen as they do. But there’s so much more surrounding us then only the things we see. I am walking the path of forgiveness and sometimes it’s really hard and you feel lost – but at the same time it’s the path of healing.

What 3 tips would you like to share with women who want to pursue a similar dream?

1. Forgive the people surrounding you and especially yourself. It’s a lifestyle and you will forgive until you die but true forgiveness frees your soul and heals you.
2. Write. Write everything down that comes into your mind, even if you don’t understand the meaning yet. Sentences, only a word... whatever. Just write.
3. Your shadow is your friend. Trust him. Listen to him. Free him.

How does a day in your life look like?

Every day it’s very different. But I take time for myself every day. Maybe only a few minutes or some hours ... It doesn’t matter, because it’s my time. Nevertheless I love moving my body or yoga in the morning to wake up in a sensitive way. I meditate in silence when I’m coming home from work. Sometimes I do an active meditation if there are too many thoughts on my mind, so I can free the emotions.

During my work I try to move as much as possible and in meetings I like to connect to my pelvic floor to be more present or I concentrate on my breath. And I dance - in the bathroom while listening to the radio, in front of my dance mirror or when walking from one room to another. For the rest of the day I trust my soul and my body – they know what they want to do.

What are the 3 books that shaped your life?

"Healing Your Aloneness: Finding Love and Wholeness Through Your Inner Child" by Erika J. Chopich and Margaret Paul

"Soul on Fire. True Life Manifesto" by Veit Lindau

"Veronika Decides to Die" by Paulo Coelho

...and all my diaries. I wouldn’t be the one I am without them.

What is your vision for the future?

Sharing my love with the world. My life motto is: Know thyself. Look at yourself and listen to your heart, feel your body, your mind and your soul. Trust yourself and trust your life. Every human being has the possibility to create a life of love, luck and happiness, to create the life he or she wants. I want to guide men and women on this wonderful journey of self-love. Love is the most incredible power of the universe. If you love yourself truly, you’ll find a new connection to all human beings, animals, the environment and the world. You’ll find yourself.

Thank you so much for the interview Sarina. You are an Inspiration!

Do you love to dance and want to inspire other women? Then join our international community of excellent dance teachers and start teaching your own ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ classes. You can do it!

ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Training - Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germanyt
ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germany
Bellydance Teacher Training - ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germany
Dance is the language of your soul!
Bellydance workshops with ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germany
When I dance I feel at home, I feel myself in a deeper way, I feel free.
Bellydance Teacher Training - ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germany
Love is the most incredible power of the universe.
Bellydance workshops with ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ Teacher Sarina from Landshut, Germany
Listen to your heart, feel your body, your mind and your soul. Trust yourself and trust your life.

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