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ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ is a new holistic method combining the sensual art of belly dance with Pelvic Floor Integration™ and contemporary mindfulness- and bodywork-techniques. Philosophy

Coco Berlin the Founder

Coco has traveled the world to entertain clients such as Hilton, L'Oréal and BMW with her unique belly dance shows. The general public knows Coco through her countless appereances on Indian and German national TV like on The Bülent Ceylan Show and The Kurt Krömer Show and her collaborations with artists such as Natacha Atlas and Fady Maalouf.

Pelvic Floor Integration™ is a method developed by Coco Berlin since 2006. It strengthens the body-mind connection and enables the participants to become aware of the pelvic floor in its entirety, to train it dynamically and to relax it profoundly. Pelvic Floor Integration™ is the foundation of ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™, the Sensuous Dance Workout and Pussy Yoga.

Her international workshops, teacher trainings, and her online classes have moved over 7 million women worldwide. Her first book Pussy Yoga is an international bestseller with rave reviews by health professionals and the media.

I studied belly dance in Europe and in Cairo, the cradle of the highly artistic and fascinating Egyptian belly dance. I went there every year to observe and take classes with the best belly dancers, eager to find the secret that made those dancers so radiant. What I found there and in my studies of contemporary dance and bodywork here in Europe is what I teach now: the ESSENCE. In ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE we reconnect to our body on a deeper level and dance from the inside out. We awaken our pelvic floor and connect it seamlessly to the rest of our body. It’s a very personal way of moving that frees our body, mind and soul.  — Coco

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