Essence of Bellydance

by Coco

Bellydance sensuous dance classes in Berlin

Dance from the inside out

Bellydance body-love dance classes in Berlin

Fall in love with every inch of your body

Bellydance feminine dance classes in Berlin

Dance yourself lean, flexible and strong

Bellydance body awareness dance classes in Berlin

Discover a new body awareness


All workouts contain:

  1. A cardio warm–up improves the effectiveness of your training and should be done before every training session. It's also great to get in tune with yourself.
  2. A joint warm–up for your provides mobilization and flexibility. It increases production of synovial fluid located between the joints, which reduces friction and enhances your body to move more efficiently.
  3. A cool–down with stretching exercises improves your flexibility and range of motion. It also increases your body-awareness. Focus your mind on every muscle we stretch for the greatest results. Start gently and go as far as it feels really good. You can also repeat the exercises several times in a row with 10-15 sec. breaks in-between.