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June - August 2018  Berlin, Germany

Essence of Bellydance Teacher Training in Berlin

Do you want to inspire other women? Do you want to turn your passion into a fulfilling career at your own terms?
Then join our growing international community of excellent belly dance teachers.

With Coco

June 16, 2018  Berlin, Germany

How Pelvic Floor Power Transforms your Life

Coco teaches exercises from her upcoming book which are not yet available in her other programs!

Most women have no access to the power of their pelvis. The pelvic floor is the often misunderstood and neglected centerpiece of our musculoskeletal system and crucial for healthy elegant movement and for our sensual life. Any numbness and blockade there can make us feel out of balance, lost or stuck in dance and in our life.

In this workshop you will discover the delicate power inside your hips and new aspects of your pelvic floor. You will experience a new feeling of moving from within. You will build new neuronal pathways and enjoy a feeling of groundedness, aliveness and sensuality in your body. You will also see immediate results on your posture and overall flexibility.

You will learn to trust and surrender to your inner wisdom and to embody your soul.

10 am - 2:30 pm

Tanzbasis, Eldenaer Str. 44, 10247 Berlin

60 Euro (Book now & get the eary bird offer: 50 Euro)

With Coco

July 14/15, 2017  Berlin, Germany

Essence Festival

Exclusive training for Essence of Bellydance Teachers. Workshops and meetups with Coco and experts in the fileds of dance, bodywork, personal growth and business. A wonderful time with the international Essence of Bellydance community.

With Coco and others

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Workshops are organized internationally. Intensive training for dancers, bachelorette parties or motivational fun for your employees. Coco and her team love to teach groups of any number and any level.

Just tell us what you have in mind and we'll send you a workshop suggestion.

Bellydance Teacher Training with Coco in Berlin
Essence of Bellydance Teacher Training with Coco in Berlin
Bellydance Teacher Training with Coco in Berlin
Essence of Bellydance Teacher Training with Coco in Berlin
Bellydance workshops with Coco in Finland
Essence of Bellydance Workshop with Coco in Finland